Summer Program in Medical Humanities

This two-week interdisciplinary course explores evidence-based care practices in pregnancy, birth and postpartum across western cultures and societies. It is designed for scholars and postgraduate students in comparative literary and cultural studies, motherhood studies, medical humanities and other related fields, and for professionals and aspiring professionals in childbirth (nurses, midwives, doulas, educators and OB-GYNs, among others). Throughout the two-week course, participants engage with case studies, learn about maternity care models from different countries and cultures, and have the opportunity to network with other scholars and professionals from around the world. This course provides three continuing education credits for professionals and post-graduate students.

More information about the instructors and program fees here
Dates: Postponed until Summer 2022. New dates to follow.
Requirements: Participants must have a bachelor’s degree or practical work experience in the medical field.

Format: Course will be held in person with an online option for those who cannot travel to campus.
Fees: 1,750 CHF
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